About us


Since 2012 we have dedicated ourselves to design. We focus on materials that fit the past, present and future. We don't chase fast moving trends, but focus on consistency. Our customers can count on this.

In 2016 we founded fattoAmano - Lebe mit Betonung®. A concrete manufactory producing handmade concrete furniture - in full cast, of course. We combine quality and passion for the concrete building material.
There have been exciting collaborations with various companies, brands and people over the last few years and we have always been singing about the interesting products that we offer here in this online shop.

fattoAmano.shop© is born.
Our range combines our values and our ideas of good design. Materials such as concrete, wood and leather combine a character trait which is honesty. Never artificial, but authentic and unique. Simply irresistible.

We also want to convey fun and joy through our lifestyle products. This is where fashion, indulgence and utility come together.
Here you will also find items of the fattoAmano - Espresso Bar® original Italian espresso - made in Italy. Only the Italian coffee culture can be so full-bodied and tasty.

fattoAmano.shop© is synonymous with honesty in terms of design and lifestyle.

Owner: Stefano Pennella
Owner: Stefano Pennella