Coffee Espresso Bar
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fattoAmano Espresso Bar

The Italian coffee culture stands and falls with our beloved black espresso italiano - simply said un caffé prego.
Famous and appreciated all over the world. The origin of espresso dates back to 1884, when the Italian Angelo Moriondo patented his first espresso machine. The long brewing time of the filter coffee was a thorn in the side of the inventor - simply too lengthy. This is exactly where the espresso finds its way into the whole world. Of course, the Italian espresso is celebrated all over Italy. But even among the Italians there is disagreement as to which is the original. We made our way to Italy. Here we visited various roasting plants and were able to explore the different production methods of Italian coffee. One thing is certain - taste is subjective. The Milanese drink it milder and sweeter with less caffeine, whereas the Neapolitans prefer a strong, almost burnt coffee with a lot of caffeine. We didn't let ourselves be deterred and followed our building instinct. The result is this unique coffee roast, which we think reflects the epitome of an original Italian coffee.
Under the fattoAmano - Espresso Bar brand, we market a range of other products such as the perfect espresso cups and cappuccino cups for our coffee.