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Our design furniture - timeless and authentic

Choosing the right piece of furniture is not always easy. What are the criteria? We asked ourselves the question and came up with the following answer.
For us, the human senses play a decisive role. When you get to know someone, they say that the first contact is the most important.

Appearance plays an important role in our design pieces. What shape does the piece of furniture have - sharp corners, rounded edges, smooth or textured surfaces. The eye wants to be flattered. The piece of furniture should connect with the rest of the room and draw attention to itself.
There's no question that looks play a crucial role - but is that all?
Of course not! On our skin we have over four million receptors and a total area of around two square meters that naturally need to be stimulated so that we feel alive. The material of the piece of furniture plays an important role here. Wood radiates warmth, coziness makes you feel comfortable.


How does concrete furniture work? Concrete is a fantastic building material that has its origins in ancient Rome under the name of opus caementicium. To this day, people swear by this knowledge.
Furniture made of concrete has a very individual character. The concrete product made of natural materials shines minimalist and modern. It can find its place in an industrial ambience or in a historic half-timbered house. A very versatile and exciting material that is unparalleled. A welcome change in your home in combination with wood and leather. Our concrete products are all produced in Germany (Wiesbaden) with regional raw materials, no long delivery routes. It is precisely these aspects that make concrete furniture production safe and interesting for the future.

Leather goes well with this. Anyone who has ever sat on a leather couch or sofa will understand what we mean. One touch and it's done to you. Even our ancestors knew the benefits of leather. Good leather feels pleasantly soft, non-slip and warm. Quality you can feel.

If we compare all three natural materials wood, concrete and leather and compare the advantages against the alleged disadvantages, we have to realize that it is precisely these materials that touch and appeal to our senses. This is how rooms come to life and radiate that certain something that takes place on another level - the subconscious.