Gratitude cards

A card every day for more joy, gratitude and motivation for your life. This is what this unique deck of cards promises. Appreciating the little things in life sounds easy, but it is usually not possible to do it in everyday life. This is exactly where thisisnotacardgame comes in and with gratitude cards offers the possibility of turning it into a ritual. Focus only on the positive things and you'll feel energized and ready for new challenges. So that you can store your cards safely and visibly, there is a stable concrete card holder that fits perfectly with the deck. What are you waiting for?

  • Rediscover your life
  • Positive energy for your life
  • Build Better Relationships
  • Focus on the essentials
  • Simple and understandable
  • Handmade concrete card holder

Height 5cm
Width 13cm
Depth 13cm


How does the card deck work?

Step 1
One card per day - Write down what you are thankful and happy for.

Step 2
Grab your best card of the week

Step 3
Your full deck of cards - celebrate the best of a year with 52 cards. Remember the great moments in the future.

Start your best year full of energy.




Gratitude cards

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